Knol Khol Purple Viena Seeds

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Knol khol is cool season crop, thrive well in cool moist climatic condition. Each pack contain 100 seeds with 98% Physical purity. 


Knol khol is normally propagated though seeds, this can grow in all types of soil, but thrives well in sandy loam and clay loam soil. harvest  knol khol once swollen stem reaches 5-6 cm.  

Botanical name: Brassica oleracea

Family: Cruciferae   

Common Names: Kohlrabi -Hindi, Gedde Kosu/Navil kosu-Kannada , Noolkol-Telugu,

Soil and climatic requirement:

Soil: Can grow in wide range of soil, a soil rich in manures and fertilizer produce good knob. for  Early season crop sandy loam soils are best. and for late season clay or silt loam are best. Ideal pH 5.5-7.0.

Climate: It is cool season crop, thrive well in relatively cool moist climate. This can withstand extreme cold and frost condition, optimum temperature 15-32 degree C.

Crop Duration: 120-150 Days.

Planting season: last week of august -last week of November

Planting type: Transplanting

Spacing: 25 P-P x 30 R -R

Depth of sowing: 1-5-2.0 cm

Germination period: 7-21 days

Hours of sunlight required: At least 6 hrs.

Irrigation: Irrigate immediately after transplanting and continue this  for 4-5 days. Subsequent irrigation should be given at an interval of 7-8 days.

Companion crops: Beets, celery, herbs and  onions

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