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Lavender is culinary herb. each pack contain 50 seeds with 98% Physical purity. 


Lavender scientifically known as Lavandula sps, lavender is a culinary herb which is good with everything from cake to chicken. Lavender is well suited for garden. Lavender requires well-drained light, sandy, or sandy loam, or gravelly soils. 

Scientific name: Lavandula angustifolia

Family:  Lamiaceae

Common name: Lavender

Common varieties: Hidcote , Munstead

Soil: Lavender requires well-drained light, sandy, or sandy loam, or gravelly soils. Low-fertility soils are still suitable. Soil pH should be between 5.8 -8.3.

Crop Duration: Perennial crop  with a typical productive life of about 10 years.

Planting season: Sep-Oct

Planting type: Lavender is mainly propagated by seed, cuttings, layering, tissue culture and division of roots.

Spacing: row to row 1.2 -2.0m x Plant -plant 30-60cm  

Depth of sowing: 0.65cm

Germination period:14-21 days

Hours of sunlight required: 8 hrs

Irrigation: based on soil moisture irrigation is given. Avoid overhead watering it increase diseases incidence.  

Companion crops: Rosemary, Basil

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