Moringa oleifera Drumstick rama PK -115 Seeds

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Moringa oliefera Rama-115 is a improved variety of Drumstick. Each pack contain 10 gm seeds with 98% purity.

Moringa olierfera is a scientific name of Drumstick, Moringa is grown for its fruits and leaves. It is rich in Iron good for health. This is a popular vegetable in India. In different region Moringa is called in different names Nuggekayi in Kannada, Saijan- Hindi, Murungai -Tamil, Munagakaya-Telugu.

A deep sandy loam soil with a pH of 6.5 – 8 is ideal for cultivation of Moringa. Moringa is a perennial crop. Suitable time for sowing is Jul-Oct. Seeds should be sown in 1 cm depth, it take 3-14 days to germinate. 

Water requirement: Irrigate before sowing and on the 3rd day after sowing and subsequently at 10 – 15 days interval according to soil type. 

Canopy management: Pinch off the seedlings when they are about 75 cm in height to facilitate more branching. For  perennial moringa, medium pruning of shoots at 70 cm from the tip has to be followed to regulate flowering and obtain the highest yield.

Companion crop for Moringa are Cowpea, bhendi and tomato.

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