Onion Improved Dark red Seeds

Rs. 55.00


Improved variety of onion grown for its flat round shape with Dark red colour. The red colour of outer skin is due to presence of Anthocyanin

Seeds per Pack: 100 seeds

Soil and climatic requirement: Soil-fertile well drained, loose soil (for the development of bulb) and need full Sun. Onions are sensitive to the amount of daylight they receive. When days are long, leaf production stops and bulbs begin to form. Cool (not cold) weather encourages heavy leaf growth so it is important to get your onions growing before warm weather hits. Be sure to water them during drought conditions as the onions will look healthy even when bone dry.

Harvest young onions as scallions. When bulbs form and the tops of the plants fall over, pull them and cure in a warm place for about 10 days before storing.
Tip: If you want your onions sweet, do not feed them when nearing maturity

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