Strawberry Alpine Fragaria

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Alpine Fragaaria is an improved variety of Strawberry and has white flowers and produces a medium to small very flavorful crimson berries.

Seeds per pack: 30 seeds with 98% Physical Purity.

Strawberries are slow to germinate and may take 2.5–4 weeks to germinate. Sow seeds thinly, just pressing seeds into moist soil less mix. The growing media used should be well drained and use a fine misting hand sprayer to water during the germination period as heavy watering can hinder germination. Once germinate place the propagated seedling to full sun to part shade area.
Transplant into containers, window boxes, hanging baskets, strawberry jars, patio planters, or directly into the garden when seedlings are large enough to handle. In a 12" pot you can transplant 3 to 4 seedlings. As they send out few runner they are decorative and are useful for edging beds.

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