Swiss Chard Green Leaves Seeds

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Swiss Chard is also called spinach beet, perpetual spinach. it has an extremely high nutrient density.

Pack contains 10 gms of seed with 98% physical purity.


Scientific name: Beta vulgaris subs. cicla

Family: Chenopodiaceae

Common Names:  

Soil and climatic requirement: Soil:Require well drained soil. Prefer loose, deep, fertile soil, high in organic matter with ph 6-7.0need consistant moisture.

Crop Duration: Biennial grown as a annual

Planting season:

Planting type:Direct sowing

Spacing: Row to Row 50cm And plant to plant 15cm

Depth of sowing:1.25cm to 2.5cm

Germination period: 5-7 days.

Hours of sunlight required: Prefer full sun early in the season and Partial shade in summer.

Irrigation: During summer water at least once in a week and once every two weeks during cold season.

Canopy management: Like beets, chard “seeds” produce more than one plant, and so will require thinning. Thin to 6- to 12-inch spacings. As plants age, older leaves get tough. Cut plants back to about 3 to 5 inches tall to encourage a flush of new, tender growth.

Companion crops: Beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, chinese cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, onions.

Seed treatment: Soak seeds overnight in water to ensure strong gemination.

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